About us

Tayla's Kitchen is a family run, natural pet treat manufacturing company located in a traditional market town nestling in the northern foothills of Dartmoor, called Okehampton.

We make simple, honest pet treats in our own facility so we can make sure all our treats are made from human grade ingredients avoiding added artificial colours, salt, and sugar.

Many hours are spent researching suitable ingredients and testing recipes, including sending samples off for laboratory testing so we know our treats are safe for all pets. You can rely on our reputation for quality and consistency and have a loyal following of animal lovers through our network of independent pet shop customers throughout the UK.

We make sure we do our bit for the environment too, by using recyclable materials for our packaging and minimising the use of plastics wherever possible. Our production facility runs on 100% renewable energy which has lowered our carbon impact by 3.4 tonnes of CO2 a year. That is the hard work of around 1,689 trees!

Oh, and talking of trees, we have also partnered with Ecologi and plant 24 Mangrove trees every month! https://ecologi.com/aniimalindustriesltd